This is not so much a criticism as it is a lamentable observation.

No one has time for it.

No one has time to listen.
No one has time to consider.
No one has time to choose.
No one has time.


That prospect considering your audition?
She found a similar audition that was good enough and it came in an hour ago.

That producer who needs a better voice?
…Is hearing his boss say he can’t afford it. “Hire the guy we had last time.”

That newsletter you took so many pains to write?
There wasn’t enough time for anyone to get past “the fold”.

Your regular client who’s been paying you the same for 4 years?
Doesn’t have time to hear your rationale for a rate increase.  Fiverr is too easy..

The reason it’s hard to criticize this deadly deadline mindset is that (if you think about it) you’ve probably succumbed to it in a decision here ‘n’ there lately too.  Now that this paradigm has gained general acceptance across the business world, there’s almost no changing it.  Sink or swim.

We ALL are part of this cultural shift where too much info is coming too fast, and none of us have enough time to give a decision the time it deserves.  

What’s handy, works.
What’s convenient, wins the job.
Whoever is first, gets the gig.
The lowest price, gets prime consideration.

This is why being in the first 10-20 to respond to ANY audition counts more than returning the BEST audition.
This is why offering the lowest price on one of those online sites where you have to bid, garners more attention than the quality of your voice.
This is why sending the first take is maybe better than the 6th or 7th (better) read.

Are you agile enough to go with the flow?  Can you accept this way of doing business?  Do you have any choice?  

Grace (unmerited favor), and genuine second chances are few and far between these days.  No one has time.  On to the next seemingly important thing.

Urgency trumps distinction.

Luckily, there are surprising, unexpected, and wonderful exceptions to this mindset in our business…but you can scarcely count on that to be the norm these days.

No one has the time.






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