Crafting Your Personal Brand

by | Jul 30, 2011 | Branding

Wanna know why resources on the web about branding are never-ending?

1) New ideas come up every day.
2) New perspectives on old ideas come up every day.
3) People/companies change…and what works one day, won’t work the next.
4) There’s a lot of flailing around, and sometimes you just have to take calculated risks on things to see what sticks to the wall when you throw it out there.
5) What you can legitimately claim as your most marketable (branded) feature/service/product has evolved.
6) {and about a million other reasons…branding is a moving target}

For all those reasons and more…I will probably never stop posting and referring to great articles about branding….and this one is about as good as any I’ve read.




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