brand-aAt NMX (The New Media Expo Conf) the other day, I heard Michael Hyatt speak about branding.  He’s the Chairman and former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers…a prolific thinker, blogger, and speaker.  He offered a multi-point plan for developing your personal brand, and two of them really stuck with me.

1)  Everything you do/are is a branding impression

2) Develop a value equation that looks like this:  Your professional identity plus your target michaelhyattaudience plus your unique solution equals their transformation.

His suggestion was to build the following narrative:

I am _________.
I help ____________.
I understand/do _________,
so _______(result or consequence)

My personal opinion is that Social Media is an excellent (free) way to extend your personal brand.  The real purpose of  today’s blog is to direct you to Susan Gilbert’s article on Personal Branding Blog.  Put this site on your RSS Feed.  I know there are a million and one schools of thought on branding, but this blog hits a lot of them over the course of time.

Her 5 points — all of which I do, and all of which apply to voice-actors — are:

1)  Make more connections on LinkedIn
2) Get in on the conversation on Twitter
3) Be found on Google search through Google Plus
4) Showcase your expertise with Klout.
5) Create a personal landing page through

[See her original article here:  Pump Up Your Brand with These Social Media Strategies]

I highlighted #3, because I think this is where a lot of voice actors fall short.  I was speaking to my friend and fellow social media brother — Derek Chappell — about this.  We both administer Voice Over Communities on Google+, and neither of us can seem to get much interest going there.  Oh, we have people signed-up…but no one seems to want to visit and get into conversations.

Drop me a line with your Google+ Profile URL, and I’ll send you and invite to my G+ VoiceOvers community on Google Plus.  Start out 2014 by taking a serious look at your personal brand.  Start by building your Google search score, and your brand reach on Google.





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