Turning Point

Decision time. What do you stand for, and how firmly do you stand? Will you justify and make excuses, or resist falling in line with the other lemmings?

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Reflections on the SAG-AFTRA Strike

How fitting that in the final throes of the most contentious presidential campaign season in recent memory, SAG-AFTRA would choose to engage in that most divisive of ploys: A STRIKE (or that the video game industry would choose to engage in that most divisive of... read more

July 2016 Rates Roundtable: SAG-AFTRA

One year ago this month, WoVO began sponsoring a series of “R.A.D.A.R. Rates Roundtables”.  RADAR stands for Rates And Digital Ad Reform…a fancy acryonym warning us to be aware of compsation challenges/changes in the marketplace, especially as it... read more

Would You Support This Strike?

SAG-AFTRA is standing up for voice-actors.  At least those who create popular vocal characters for video games….in Hollywood…who make a lot of money…and have celebrity. The rest of us?  Meh.The pot is boiling over on contract negotiations, and the... read more

Washington Politics has NOTHING on These Guys!

Is it any wonder Donald Trump is high in the polls?  No…forget party affiliations for a moment.  Let’s just look at politicians as a whole for a minute.  Even in an election season, their carefully-crafted gobbledygook is an art form all it’s own.No... read more

Results of Union #WoVOChat

We expected nothing less than a spirited discussion for the WoVOChat Wed., 6-3-15.  The topic was unions (mostly SAG-AFTRA).  Some people (especially those with a few years under their belt) feel strongly about the union in both directions.  Plenty of others came with... read more

#WoVOChat Today: Unions

A conversation about the union often rises to the level of rancor usually reserved for Mac v. PC discussions.For today’s WoVOChat, we’re not going to go there…but it makes you wonder.  Why shouldn’t SAG-AFTRA bring about universal support?  A... read more

Next WoVOChat: Unions

SAG-AFTRA: a quaint anachronism from a bygone era?…or a necessary cog in the future of digital media?  An essential tool for actors of every color, stripe, and location?…or just LA and NYC-centric?I know there are other unions that voice-actors utilize:... read more


…and they did it with an overwhelming majority.  Henceforth it’s SAG-AFTRA. Still lots of work to be done, and lots of questions to be answered, but it’s been a long time in coming, and I can’t help but think it’s a good thing. LINKS TO... read more


Puzzled by the upcoming proposed merger of SAG and AFTRA? Me too. And as a newly-minted AFTRA member, I haven’t even nearly figure out the way things are, much less the way things might be. I’ll give the folks at AFTRA high points for trying to provide... read more

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