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by | Jun 3, 2015 | Unions, WoVOChat

WoVOChat resultsWe expected nothing less than a spirited discussion for the WoVOChat Wed., 6-3-15.  The topic was unions (mostly SAG-AFTRA).  Some people (especially those with a few years under their belt) feel strongly about the union in both directions.  Plenty of others came with some legitimate questions, an luckily, still more had some succinct answers.

If you were there…thanks for contributing to the conversation!  Luckily, our moderator — Pamela Muldoon — always keeps track of the entire conversation, and we post it here for anyone to recap the info.

Here is the link for the Storify record of the hour-long WoVOChat.

Here is the link that explains the reach of this TweetChat.

A big thanks to our guest experts who came through with an even-handed and knowledgeable treatment of the topic: Connie Terwilliger and Johnny George.  Many others volunteered helpful answers, and that’s appreciated.  You know who you are!

Below is a SlideShare presentation of the salient points from the chat, prepared by Pamela Muldoon.  Thanks for your work, Pam!

WoVOChats is taking somewhat of a Summer break until the next episode on Wednesday, June 24th.  The topic will be mobile recording set-ups.  ‘Should be fun!





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