Washington Politics has NOTHING on These Guys!

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Unions

politicsIs it any wonder Donald Trump is high in the polls?  No…forget party affiliations for a moment.  Let’s just look at politicians as a whole for a minute.  Even in an election season, their carefully-crafted gobbledygook is an art form all it’s own.

No matter what question they’re answering, the rhetoric is the same:  unintelligible.  The true test is when someone asks you to paraphrase back to them what the candidate just said, and you realize you can’t, ’cause they didn’t really say anything that’s definitive.

That’s where Donald Trump walks alone.  He says whatever he wants without worry.  His over-the-top declarations may not ring true for your politics, but his approach is so direct…his answers so uncautioned, that he’s captured the spirit that people want from Washington:  rhetoric that cuts to the chase…no waffling or equivocating.  Gimme a soundbite I can repeat!


As far as I can tell, though, politics in our nation’s capitol is rivaled only by the politics that have defined/are defining/will define SAG-AFTRA.

The recent election for the top position at SAG-AFTRA is decided.  David White wins another round of his $600,000/yr salary atop the union that represents creatives.

If you’ve ever wondered (as I do — and I’m a union member) just what it is SAG-AFTRA leadership DOES, then the DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD article linked here may help.

As far as I can tell, administration of the union is SO top-heavy that it will create it’s own sink-hole, and wash down a SoCal viaduct into the sea.

All human institutions tend toward this eventuality.  It’s not that they don’t care…it’s not that they aren’t trying.  It’s that they can’t stop their own largesse.  The answer is not to form another committee or subcommittee, or another department with it’s own staff and budget — the answer is to depend on the volunteer strength of it’s own members.  A participant member is an enthusiastic supporter…not just tagging along for P&H.

Lord help me…I’ve already said more than I should.  There comes a time when you just wonder if the current regime (Washington OR Hollywood) should just go away.  Wipe the slate clean, and let’s start over. 

That would be what’s called a “revolution”… and no one wants that…right?…..Trump?




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