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by | May 31, 2015 | Unions, WoVOChat

unionSAG-AFTRA: a quaint anachronism from a bygone era?…or a necessary cog in the future of digital media?  An essential tool for actors of every color, stripe, and location?…or just LA and NYC-centric?

I know there are other unions that voice-actors utilize:  ACTRA, EQUITY, MEAA…but my comments here, and our tweetchat this coming Wednesday will focus on SAG-AFTRA; specifically how it benefits (or fails to benefit) voice actors.

This is a deep, broad, and sometimes contentious subject.  SAG and AFTRA’s history is long and multi-faceted, but now that they are one, the  merged union makes a convenient object of discussion for our WoVOChat purposes.  There is no way a few of us VO’s on twitter can summarize the relationship of our business to the union in an hour.  But, the conversation has to start somewhere, and maybe we can all learn something.

Our guest experts this week are two respected voice-actors with a wealth of experience and understanding of the way SAG-AFTRA.  Connie Terwilliger has impressed me time and again with her wealth of knowledge on this subject.  She has often shared that understanding at Voiceover conferences and forums.  As a voice-over pro of many years and WoVO member, Terwilliger can field a spectrum of questions in this realm

Johnny George is a WoVO pro and career voice-actor who has been in the union for 15 years.  He’s an admitted Fi-Core (financial core) member of the union, and has insights that we can all benefit from.  Both Johnny and Connie will tell you they don’t have all the answers… who does?…but their knowledge, combined with your questions and answers on the WoVOChat will put a dent in the subject-at-hand.

WoVO pro and content marketing specialist Pamela Muldoon is our moderator and the designer of these WoVOChats.  I’ll be along as the host and facilitator.

We kick things off at noon Pacific this Wednesday, June 3, 2015.   The chat lasts for roughly an hour.  Park yourself in front of your favorite Twitter program: Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, and set a search for the hashtag: #WoVOChat.  Many of us have found the online sites and to be perfectly suited to twitter chats.

I’ll be posting some topical questions we’ll be posing during the chat Wednesday.

C ya then!




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