Yes…RADIO The transistor radio was my intro to geekdom. Once I had that wireless, battery-powered plastic ‘n’ metal box in my hands, I was untethered and unalterably transformed. Growing up near St. Louis, I had powerhouse KMOX talk-radio at my... read more

All or None

Black or white.  On or off.  Up or down…all propositions that do not take into account any gradations on the scale.  You either win or lose.  It doesn’t matter how much you win/lose by.   Could Kansas have beaten Oregon to get to the Final Four?... read more

Vetted Vetters Vetting

Is it a veteran…a veterinarian…or a person who vets?  And what exactly is the process of vetting? Here’s what Webster says: “…to evaluate for possible approval or acceptance.” That’s plain vanilla.  There’s no mention of... read more

The Voice Over Actors’ Handbook

John Burr wrote me out of the blue the other day, and asked if I’d take a look at his newly-published book: THE VOICE OVER ACTORS’ HANDBOOK. He just happened to mention that my book [More Than Just a Voice]  was listed in his extensive “Recommended... read more

The Ultimate Authority

Just when I think I’ve got a bead on the people who make up this voice over community, I find out I really know nothing.I mean, I’ve been to umpteen VO conferences, I write a widely-read VO blog, I administer some social media VO forums, I’m the... read more

‘Coupla Noteworthy Deadlines

My my how time flies! A minute ago VOICE2012 was more than half-a-year off, and now it’s about a month-and-a-half away…how does that happen? Executive producers of the VO conference James Alburger and Penny Abshire have sent out about a million notices... read more

12 Trends: MUST READ!

Every year, David Ciccarelli — the technical genius behind — delivers a wealth of VO research in an easily digestible report. His latest survey on the “state of the union” for voice-acting is out, and it’s called 12 Trends for... read more

Need a Critique?…for Free?

Here’s the magic of shopping around your demo or audition: Play it to ten different people, and you’ll get 10 different opinions. But somewhere in that mix, something will ring true, and confirm a sneaking suspicion in your own mind that he/she is right. ... read more

Curating Referrals

Nothing is more important to an independent freelance artist than the referrals they get from satisfied clients, trusted friends and colleagues. Sometimes you really just have to ASK for those referrals.  Most of the time, your client, friend or colleagues is only to... read more


No that’s not some alien species you heard about on Star Trek.  VORG stands for Voice Over Resource Guide. I never want to assume that everyone knows about the well-traveled resources in VO-land…but this is one of those places, and if you already know... read more

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