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by | Mar 21, 2017 | Referral

Is it a veteran…a veterinarian…or a person who vets?  And what exactly is the process of vetting?

Here’s what Webster says: “…to evaluate for possible approval or acceptance.”

That’s plain vanilla.  There’s no mention of socially acceptable rules, cultural appearances, or supposed hurt feelings if acceptance is elusive. 

Since Atlanta, Voice Actor Marc Scott took it upon himself to answer a need.  His idea was to publish a helpful list of audio editors and demo producers.  Granted, it was most beneficial to VO newcomers, and was also not meant to be an exhaustive list.  Marc’s a smart guy, an excellent voice actor, a good marketer, a budding coach, and a volunteer fireman.  His motives were altruistic.  He’s tired of opportunistic gold-digging demo mills and fraudsters promising VO fortunes in a weekend workshop.

But by all accounts, some people felt left out by their absence on Marc’s list.  Again…it’s Marc’s list… not intended to be prohibitive or exclusionary or otherwise offensive.  But Marc has a right to put on the list whomever he wants.  Wanna make your own list? ‘Certainly your prerogative.

My guess is, Marc’s list is a living document, and he’ll “evaluate for possible approval or acceptance”  additionally as he sees fit.

Look for yourself on Marc’s site:

A List of Vetted Voice Over Demo Producers

A List of Vetted Voice Over Editors

Nice work, Mr. Scott!




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