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Every year, David Ciccarelli — the technical genius behind VOICES.com — delivers a wealth of VO research in an easily digestible report.

His latest survey on the “state of the union” for voice-acting is out, and it’s called 12 Trends for 2012.

If you’re a VOICES.com subscriber, you may have already received your email link to this study.

Puh-leeze take the time to read this.  It may be THE MOST important data you will review this year.  The conclusions Ciccarelli reaches are nothing short of seminal and brilliant.  Yes, it is somewhat of a commercial for Voices.com, but there’s plenty of meat (or soy, if you’re a vegetarian) here for anyone to chew on beyond the Voices.com references.

Here’s the link again:  12 Trends for 2012.






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  1. Juliette Gray

    Really Dave? I find this list superficial and incomplete at best and yes it is of course a big promo for Voices.com

    • CourVO

      Hey Juliette,

      I appreciate your comment about this. It made me think about whether I was being a cheerleader or not.
      Obviously I felt differently, or I wouldn’t have posted it. Can you explain how you find it superficial? I tried to warn readers that this was a commercial for Voices.com, but I find Ciccarelli’s sense of the importance of these points to be right on the money….whether there is voices.com involvement on each issue or not.

      Thanks again for visiting!

      Dave C


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