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No that’s not some alien species you heard about on Star Trek. 

VORG stands for Voice Over Resource Guide.

I never want to assume that everyone knows about the well-traveled resources in VO-land…but this is one of those places, and if you already know about it, then just move along…nothing of interest here.

But if you HAVEN’T heard of VORG…then you really need to trot on over and take a look around at one of the best compendiums of basic VO information (lotsa lists) around.

Don’t be put off that your city is not listed on the  main page…just click on Los Angeles and start perusing, clicking on the tabs at the top.  The “rates” page alone is worth the visit.  Click on the info tab to see who runs the site (Dave & Dave), and to get the background if you want, but mostly just tuck away the URL for a later time when you might need a factoid that you just KNOW will be on the VORG.  (not the Borg).




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