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by | May 29, 2011 | Referral

Nothing is more important to an independent freelance artist than the referrals they get from satisfied clients, trusted friends and colleagues.

Sometimes you really just have to ASK for those referrals.  Most of the time, your client, friend or colleagues is only to happy to do that for you, much as you would for them.  Can I write one for you?

Some VO’s swear by the quoted testimonials they glean from clients.  I must confess I have not tried this, but I see it a lot voice acting websites.

I do a lot of referring on this blog.  Most of the time, it’s to great articles I find on the topics of voice over, social media, technological advances, and equipment (among others).  In fact, I ever have a category called “referrals”, and the articles are an encyclopedia of great links I’ve found over the years.


At the risk of beating the drum too much, I want to once again mention the VO aggregator site I’m “curating” with VO Fran McClellan called “”.  That word “curating” is one that’s much bandied about in the world of journalism and social media in recent months.  Here’s a great article on what that means when it comes to being in charge of content as it washes over us in internet waves.

The site I’m curating is turning up stuff I’d never seen before, and believe me I go searching for VO stuff all day every day for my blog.  In that sense, the algorithm for seeking information about voice over (according to the keywords I’ve chosen) is very thorough.  My job as  the “curator” of all that stuff is to weed through it and make sure to choose those entries that truly deserve to be content on the site.

Here are a few of the headlines I’ve found recently:
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I’m not saying I’ve read all these articles…but a lot of them.  And I’m not claiming all of them are appropriate for all levels of the profession.  Admittedly, I’m casting a wide net…but it’s incredible the amount of information out there, meaning more and more services like this will find a valuable place on the net for people hoping to quickly review the available trends in their field.

Check it out when you have a chance, and be sure to subscribe while you’re there.  I guarantee you’ll find something to click on that you’ll find interesting.  The page is issued in a traditional “front page” style that’s easy to scroll through.


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