‘Coupla Noteworthy Deadlines

by | May 1, 2012 | Referral

My my how time flies!

A minute ago VOICE2012 was more than half-a-year off, and now it’s about a month-and-a-half away…how does that happen?

Executive producers of the VO conference James Alburger and Penny Abshire have sent out about a million notices about today’s deadline.  The BEST pricing for the conference ends today.

Need some encouragement that your dollars are well-spent for this conference?   I’ve talked about that in a previous blog(5  VOICE2012 Myths Dispelled)…and all of it is still true.  🙂

Visit this page to take care of the VOICE2012 registration today.


About a month ago, I published a blog that got more than 5,000 hits.  It was an interview with a friend who made a long list of suggestions for tapping into CraigsList as a job resource. (Cracking Craigslist).

That friend — John Breese — is selling off his Craigslist site, and the rights to his course.  Until May 4th, his course (typically $37), is now on sale for less than half that price.  I promised him I would pass along this information to all of you who found his tips so helpful.  I have not reviewed this course, but I believe in the value that John places in the products he releases.

Click HERE to read more about the offer, and at a price that costs less than 4 gallons of gas.






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