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No Denying Social Media

My mantra regarding Social Media metrics:  Any facts ‘n’ figures older than a month are already outdated. A secondary observation is that: anyone who doubts the potential of Social Media is in denial. Nothing is going to stop the march of this digital... read more

You’re Not Going to Want to Hear This, But…

…Snapchat cannot be ignored.  Not even.  ‘More users than Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. My 22-yr-old college grad was home for Thanksgiving.  She lives on her iPhone, of course.  And on her iPhone, she lives on SnapChat.... read more

New Online VO Resources

These days, it’s getting harder and harder to sneak any voiceover links or info onto the pages of this blog that aren’t already posted somewhere else online.  That’s why I try to stick to original, self-generated content that I compose... read more

Which Will Implode First: Twitter or ISDN?

Not that they’re mutually exclusive or anything, but both of these services have a part to play in the voice-over realm…and both are struggling to survive for different reasons.Twitter is a free social media platform under seemingly endless corporate... read more

Define BROADcast

…and to do that, think outside the traditional knee-jerk use of the word…’cause that’s changing. For instance, does a “broadcast facility”need to be a 2-acre building with offices, a huge studio, engineering, promotions, a... read more

Using Instagram? You Should Be

Let’s just set aside the fact that Instagram is under the already lucrative FaceBook umbrella.  ‘Bought by Zuck for about a billion dollars a coupla year ago, it was thought to be foolhardy purchase.  Now, it’s among the top three most... read more

2 Immutable Social Media Rules (for today)

Tumblr sent me an email Thursday that had me asking: “Why did you wait so long?”.Their big announcement was that they’re jumping on the live streaming video bandwagon (along with FaceBook, YouTube, Periscope, etc).Read about it on the Simple Measured... read more

#WoVOChat Results: Client Directions

Deciphering the directions from voice-seekers is a minefield.  Reading between the lines can make you go cross-eyed.How many takes?  Do I send a processed audiofile…or one that’s just bare bones?  Should I take the directions to the letter,... read more

#WoVOChat Wednesday!

Ever been downright confused or flummoxed by the audition directions you get from agents and producers?…then you are NOT going to want to miss this WoVOChat! Not only are the guests at the top of their game, but the topic itself will just be fun to talk... read more

Let the 2016 Social Media Predictions Begin!

I suppose it has something to do with the trendy and ever-developing nature of the business; more so than say, the automobile tire industry. 😕 Some people set their fortunes on the basis of these soothsayers…putting all their chips on the expected death of... read more

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