You’re Not Going to Want to Hear This, But…

by | Nov 28, 2016 | VO Business, VO SociaMedia

snapchatmemories…Snapchat cannot be ignored.  Not even.  ‘More users than Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

My 22-yr-old college grad was home for Thanksgiving.  She lives on her iPhone, of course.  And on her iPhone, she lives on SnapChat.

Here’s one big reason why, and it harkens back to my beating the drum for use of video.

We all know video is probably the #1 eye-catching hook for anything.  Emails, promos, all sorts of marketing, newsletters, FB posts… and let’s face it, Google makes a mint off of YouTube everyday.

We also know that video is a space hog.  Taking lots of video quickly uses up the discretionary space on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.  But SnapChat has this new feature called “memory” that saves all those videos for you in the cloud, not on your phone…. and you can retrieve them any time you want, build them into SnapChat stories, or download them onto your phone, and share them on other social media platforms.  As far as I can tell after quite a bit of googling on the topic, there is no limit to how much video storage is available in your Snapchat memories.  Wow…all at no cost!

Here’s a great article that will answer most of your questions about SnapChat memories.

Here’s another one.

That’s all very cool, Dave, but how can that help my Voice-Over Business?

My 22-yr-old?  She’s living in LA and working in the entertainment PR business.  If it’s on SnapChat, she’ll see it, or her friends will see it and share it.  These are the up ‘n’ comers, the hipsters, the next-gen people in the know.  They think email is for old people.  My daughter really doesn’t even WANT me on SnapChat.  It makes her uncomfortable.   Tough.  I want this new generation to understand when their boss is looking for a voice for the movie trailer they’re sending for a Sundance Film Festival entry…they should use that VO guy who’s on SnapChat.  No matter WHOSE father it is!

Secondly, and most obviously, as you continue to build your understanding/facility with video – and how to use it in your VO marketing – you’ll find yourself using your smartphone more and more…and you could use it exclusively, actually.  The apps that let you achieve top-notch editing with video is astounding.  But keeping all that video around for WHEN you want to use it will cost you dearly in terms of available storage on your phone.  This is where Snapchat memories comes in.

Compare it to film v. digital.  You used to have to be careful about how you “wasted” film.  Then you had to be careful about how you “wasted” available space on your phone.  Now you don’t have to worry about it.  Snapchat lets you store all the video you want (free), and retrieve it all you want, whenever you want, to use HOW you want.

Don’t care for Snapchat as a social media platform?  No big deal.  Forget about throwaway posts.  Leave that to your teenager.  But use Snapchat memories as about the quickest no-brainer way to store smartphone video EVAR!






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