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by | Aug 7, 2016 | VO SociaMedia

social-network_110002633-012814-intThese days, it’s getting harder and harder to sneak any voiceover links or info onto the pages of this blog that aren’t already posted somewhere else online.  That’s why I try to stick to original, self-generated content that I compose myself.  It may get repurposed somewhere else on the web, but the links source back to this URL…hence better SEO.

But today, I want to make SURE you see some new resources on the web.

#1)  VO colleague and WoVO Member Rob Marley has taken over as the moderator for a voiceover SubReddit on This site is dedicated specifically to commercial, promo, trailer, live announcing, and audiobooks.  This is no small accomplishment.  Reddit is one of the more enduring – kinda quirky – and edifying sites on the interwebs.  To have one of our own watching over a Reddit subdirectory for voice actors is definite a plus. WayTaGo Rob!

#2 & #3) Are both relatively new Twitter accounts that have popped up with a decidedly sarcastic/cynical approach to forces in the community that run counter to WoVO principles.  I almost hesitated to post them here – politics being polarizing and all – but the truth is, that I appreciate the humor, ingenuity, and chutzpah to launch something like this, and keep it populated with creative posts.

The first one is @TheDrunkenVoice, and the other is @NotVoicesDotCom (TruthOptional)

No, I have no idea what individual or organization is behind either of these profiles, but I can categorically state that World-Voices Organization did not put ANYONE up to this.

Check ’em out and be sure to let me know if you’ve seen other VO resource on the internet that I should be pointing out.




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