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instagramLet’s just set aside the fact that Instagram is under the already lucrative FaceBook umbrella.  ‘Bought by Zuck for about a billion dollars a coupla year ago, it was thought to be foolhardy purchase.  Now, it’s among the top three most active Social Media Platforms going. (other two?  SnapChat and FB itself).

Instagram is fun.  It’s a different ethic than FaceBook.  Hashtag use is off the charts, and your fellow voice-overists are on there.  They’re posting voice-over stuff all over the place, building their online profile, creating conversations with possible clients, and getting work.

Like any other social media platform, there’s no magic pill.  Ya gotta do the time.  To get followers, you have to be a follower.  The stuff you post has to be engaging: pics and videos if at all possible.

Not tried it yet?  Here’s a link to the best explainer article on Instagram I’ve seen lately.  Still a beginner?  You might wanna try this Instagram primer.  Oh, and don’t even try using it on your desktop computer.  Instagram is a platform best used on a smartphone.  Plain and simple.

BTW,  while you’re on there, please follow me, OK?  My online Instagram name is….wait for it….COURVO (big surprise).  I promise to follow back.




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