Which Will Implode First: Twitter or ISDN?

by | Jul 26, 2016 | ISDN, VO SociaMedia

twitter-app-in-front-of-stock-chart-ReutersNot that they’re mutually exclusive or anything, but both of these services have a part to play in the voice-over realm…and both are struggling to survive for different reasons.

Twitter is a free social media platform under seemingly endless corporate mis-management.  ISDN is an expensive outdated technology service, largely controlled by TelCos across the world.

Twitter keeps shooting itself in the foot, but lurches forward anyway, based on momentum, and sheer cultural voyeurism.  ISDN’s masters would love to see it go (major dollar drain), an eventuality lamented by production houses. It also survives on legacy inertia.

Twitter is at best a marketing tool for voice-actors, at worst a black hole of time.  ISDN is a necessity for VO’s only if one can afford the fees, and clients are clamoring for you to have it.

So what’s the one thing that links these two disparate services? 


Beyond a handful of voice-actors who continually claim (almost to the point of being suspect) that they get gobs of jobs on Twitter, this is the one social network that most voice-actors say they skip.  They just don’t get it.  Confusing. Don’t even get me started on SnapChat!

Similarly, ISDN — despite it’s slow death — still gets a lion’s share of questions in online forums about whether a talent needs it or not.   The confusing part is how to GET the service.  I sold my Codec and discontinued my connection a few weeks back, but years ago…YEARS AGO (when ISDN was supposedly still entrenched) it was almost impossible to find a phone company customer service rep who even knew what it was!  “Do you mean DSL?”  “No, I mean ISDN!”

What’s the point in the comparison?

SKIP ‘EM!  Skip ’em both!  Who needs more frustration…not with the many alternatives out there.  You will NOT be missing out.

Facebook is the 800lb gorilla these days in the social media sector, garnering 68% of online ad revenue.  There’s YouTube, LinkedIn…heck even SoundCloud and Vimeo are trying to be “social”.

Don’t wanna hassle with ISDN? Try Source-Connect or ipDTL or ConnectionOpen or CleanFeed or AudioLink.  Even Skype or an iPhone audition works at times for some clients.

Look..,you gotta have a good microphone, a DAW, a decent marketing plan.  You don’t gotta have Twitter or ISDN.  Save yourself the frustration.  I can truly say in this case, that I am giving you the voice of experience.  Yup, I’m an ISDN/Twitter casualty seeking veteran’s benefits.  I don’t think there are any to be had..




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