Heads Up!

But Wait! There’s More!!!

Along with “In a World“…the phrase: “But Wait…There’s More!” will forever be a fixture in the annals of the voiceover hall of fame. But there’s a reason such utterances are lasting…. they work!  It’s... read more

This Cultural Revolution Deserves Your Voice

“More habit-forming than crack or methamphetamine.” “Instantaneously addictive.” “Couldn’t put it down.” I’m talking about the coming tsunami of a cultural phenomenon known as Virtual Reality (VR). My first exposure... read more

Sharks in the Water

The internet, like the automobile, broke on the cultural scene with great promise, and great danger.  But even the advent of self-propelled vehicles may not match the bittersweet challenge of the interwebs. Sure, information is at our fingertips like... read more

90-Day Notice

No, this is not a blog about invoicing and expecting to be paid in 90 days. This is a blog about YOUR 90-day notice that the end of the year is at hand. I take no joy in being the messenger, here. Sheesh! it seems just like yesterday that I was freezing my toes off in... read more

Check Back This Weekend

Weekdays are for work.  I cook up fresh blog articles Monday through Friday, and typically take a two-day hiatus from writing on Saturday and Sunday. This week has been all cattywompus.  Final adjustments to my new responsive and integrated website are... read more

Friday Free-For-All

You’ve been busy.  I know it, ’cause you’re a serious freelancer who is working hard to run your own business and get ahead. I’d like to believe you read my blog because you find value now ‘n’ then in my musings. Thanks for... read more

Evolving Excellence

Back when I was still wearing VO diapers, David Goldberg of Edge Studio held my hand in a couple of career-changing phone consults.  He was a voice of common sense and keen observations. I keep running into David at conferences, and he still makes a lot of... read more


As far as I’m concerned, there’s never been a better time to be a voice-actor.  What used to be a relatively closed network of certain studios in NYC and LA supported by upper-crust agents and producers who garnered more than the lion’s share of... read more