But Wait! There’s More!!!

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Heads Up!, VO Business

GVAACrest-postAlong with “In a World“…the phrase: “But Wait…There’s More!” will forever be a fixture in the annals of the voiceover hall of fame.

But there’s a reason such utterances are lasting…. they work!  It’s just that they worked so well for so long that they’re now a caricature of themselves (if that’s possible for phrases).

But today really IS an extension of a valuable Cyber Monday deal…and it’s only being extended for today…and only for the readers of this blog.

The Global Voice Acting Academy — founded by Cristina Milizia — is turning into a force for our community.  Based in LA, and a focal point for so many top VO contributors, the GVAA is offering 25% off a whole slew of upcoming classes….and half-off already recorded webinars.

I shouldn’t have to remind you that GVAA is the same organization that put together the first comprehensive rate guide for voice-actors in Lord knows how long!  And it’s awesome!  Here’s the link.  The guide has forever and always been free for our community to use.

The Global Voice Acting Academy needs your support. It’s a small business whose heart is to serve you, our community, and elevate the voice over industry as a whole.

Cristina has not taken a salary or a single penny from any of the classes she teaches because she puts it back into GVAA to keep providing the resources it has to date. Faith Cruz recently interviewed Cristina for this special promotional pricing, and to explain what GVAA does.
Here’s the link to the interview:  https://youtu.be/UzGM2OvQ49w.
So for today…last chance…the CyberMonday sale for GVAA resources is on — for the readers of this blog only!  Visit the Cyber Monday Sale GVAA page, and use the codes mentioned for the special pricing.

As a reminder, here are those promo codes to use to get your discounts at checkout: “25class2016” for 25% off all classes and “50webinar2016” for 50% off all pre-recorded webinars.





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