Things Will Happen This Week – Watch Closely

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Heads Up!

Oh, reaction to the VDC buyout of VoiceBank was somewhat muted over the weekend, but…

…in the background…

…the phone calls were being made.  The alliances were being formed.  The announcements were being readied.

I’d watch for the following possibilities:

  • some further release or statement from the head office at VDC (maybe even another acquisition?)
  • more defections from VoiceBank
  • stirrings from the Union (could it be?!!!)
  • some sort of cohesive action from the talent agent community
  • additional reaction from various other producers, P2P’s, casting services, and/or community groups.

World-Voices Organization has released an official recommendation for its members.   You can see that on the WoVO Members only FB group, or check your email.

In addition, WoVO is hosting another Rates Roundtable Tuesday of this week.  We’re gathering a power panel of VO experts to discuss the situation.  More about this tomorrow.

In the meantime, take a look at the video put together below from a blog I wrote last week.  Sometimes, seeing it visually can have a greater impact. At the end, there’s a chance to share it if you wish.





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