Really?  How does this stuff happen?

SoundCloud.  One of the early darlings of the internet.  So prescient was its appearance on the scene that few doubted it could be screwed up.

But reportedly it’s on last legs.

SoundCloud Sinks, as Leaks Say Layoffs Buy Little Time

SoundCloud Could Be in Financial Trouble

Apparently in the post-Spotify world, there’s no place for SoundCloud.

Voice Actors everywhere use SoundCloud, and it has nothing to do with Spotify.  Will another company buyout SoundCloud, and continue the operation?

Your guess is as good as mine, but in the meantime, you might wanna check out some possible alternatives I listed in an article from last year when rumors FIRST started circulating about SoundCloud’s demise.

Here’s the link:

SoundCloud Alternatives (Just in Case)

If you hear anything more, you’ll let me know, right?




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