by | Mar 13, 2018 | Heads Up!

Just to recap:

Our favorite online VO casting/subscription site first gained the ire of voice-actors everywhere when it became clear they were:

  1. asking talent to pay a subscription for the “privilege” of being on the site
  2. exacting a commission from “managed jobs”
  3. taking a %-age for escrow services
  4. AND skimming profits in the job transaction

That’s actually quadruple-dipping…but let’s not pick nits, it’s all unscrupulous and unethical, and they’re absolutely unapologetic for it.

Today’s blog is just a reminder that they’re still at it, and the proof comes in the form of an email from a voice-acting student of a very well-known and respected coach.

The coach sent me the email, and asked if I couldn’t please pass it along so everyone can see the sort of tricks they’re still playing.


Here it is: 

“…just wanted to send you a quick update, particularly about the website  I recently booked a job with them for a spot that would pay $110.  Turns out, it was with a producer I had worked with before.  I had done basically the same job last year,., and was confused whey the budget was much lower this time around.  This got me curious about’s commission.  So in the session, I asked the producer what her talent budget was.  it was $350.  We were both dumbfounded I was only receiving 31% of that!  So is a scam job and I have canceled my membership.  Just wanted to keep you aware of this in case it ever comes up in conversation with students…”


Need we say more?

Don’t wait to be scammed by these unscrupulous shrews.  Just end your subscription today, then demand to have your profile removed.  If you don’t, they’ll leave it on their site to build their talent numbers.

This is unconscionable, and our actions can bring about change.  Pass it on!




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