FaffCon Demystified

A few thoughts about Tucson’s unconference, and then I’ll move on.  I know the tsunami of pictures, posted alongside laments that: “…it ended too soon!”…or: “…FaffCon changed my life!” grows old for people who did... read more

Tired & Inspired

By now, you’re familiar with the thrum of swelling accolades following the most recent FaffCon.  Perhaps you’ve contributed to the enthusiastic thread of pictures and superlatives yourself in recent years.  (BTW, header photo taken during rooftop... read more

Why You Should Avoid FaffCon

Where do I start?  How much time do you have? The DEPTH of my dissatisfaction is unplumbed! OK, probably the best way to handle this is with a list, so here goes: FafffCon events are always held in terrible locations The attendees are insufferable bores There are no... read more

This One Time…at Band Camp…

… only it wasn’t Band Camp. It was FaffCamp. I’ve attended 4 of 6 FaffCon Unconferences, but somehow the inaugural FaffCamp slipped through my fingers. I’ve always regretted it. Gone are the early falsehoods about The “Camp” version... read more

Faff Camp II is ON!

As many of you may know, the brilliance that shines as the VO unconference “FaffCon”, has a shelf-life.  Founder and creative genius Amy Snively revealed this year that the total number of FaffCon events will be 10. This September’s event is the... read more

FaffCon2014 Official Announcement

Faffy (Amy Snively) and I sat down for a Skype Video interview last night, and she revealed the location of FaffCon 7. So of course, you want to know where and when….but don’t rush to watch for only that.  There are plenty of other gems in this almost... read more

Conflicted About Conferences?

Don’t worry, that’s an easy conundrum to fall into.  They’re practically coming out of the woodwork this year. Is it a bad thing?  No, not at all!  I can remember when there were no voice-over conferences. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the first... read more

For Three Years…

..I’ve sponsored Faffcon’s Karaoke night, but this is the first one I’ve witnessed it in person.  I won’t embarrass anyone with a picture of the hotel lobby where the singing and dancing took place…but I can tell you that my peers have... read more

Pre-Faff TomFoolery

Let’s not belabor the obvious. Faffers come to FaffCon to talk.  We talk, and we laugh, and we have fun.   We hear stories and we tell stories.  We enjoy the personal company of those we otherwise see online, and who knows, we might even learn something!... read more

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