FaffCon2014 Official Announcement

by | Apr 24, 2014 | FaffCon

faff7Faffy (Amy Snively) and I sat down for a Skype Video interview last night, and she revealed the location of FaffCon 7.

So of course, you want to know where and when….but don’t rush to watch for only that.  There are plenty of other gems in this almost 15-minute video  recording.

You’ll hear from FaffCon’s founder:

  • Why she’s planning for only 4 more FaffCons
  • How the attendee application process is designed
  • Information about the location’s hotel setting (the best EVER, according to Amy)
  • What makes FaffCon #7 unique
  • A new mentoring program
  • This year’s unique field trip

Amy says she will have the FaffCon Website up and running in stages starting Friday.  That will be the place to go for all the updates.

So…answers you’ve been waiting for in the video below.

See you there!


(P.S. apologies for the wonky sound in this video)




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