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by | Sep 24, 2014 | FaffCon

Faff7GroupPicA few thoughts about Tucson’s unconference, and then I’ll move on. 

I know the tsunami of pictures, posted alongside laments that: “…it ended too soon!”…or: “…FaffCon changed my life!” grows old for people who did not or could not attend.  Bear with me one more time.

For the 100 souls in the Class of 2014 photo above, FaffCon7 will profoundly affect on their career.  A few bullet-points on my remembrances:

  • The largest Faffcon donation EVAR to a local charity:  $5500 to Words on Wings
  • JS Gilbert looks gruff, but is really a (profoundly smart) Teddy Bear
  • Lauren McCullough is the secret glue that holds FaffCon together
  • Dan Hurst of KC packed the room for his E-Learning session, and didn’t disappoint
  • Many first-time Faffers were also first-time session leaders
  • Trading notes from conflicting sessions was encouraged
  • Roger Baker flew to the Bay area from NC, and then DROVE JS Gilbert to Tucson
  • Jordan Reynolds does a spot-on Bob Souer imitation
  • ‘Seems like most of the attendees were also sponsors… more than ever before
  • West Look Wyndham Resort in Tucson is an awesome location!
  • There’s never enough time to see/talk to everybody you want to
  • The Las Vegas contingent was the biggest ever
  • Canadian Voice actors are some of the nicest people I knowfoundingfaffers
  • More Faff-Founders attended than in any previous unconference (except the 1st one, of course) (see right)
  • The swag gifts were awesome
  • Faffers know how to party, and (sometimes) how to hold their liquor
  • Cliff Zellman is a giant
  • WoVO gained many new Faff-members, and rightly so!
  • Terry Daniel passed a kidneystone on day #1, and bounced right back.  WaytaGo Terry!
  • Big Kudos to Jeff Kafer for taking Daniel to the hospital and spending the day with him there
  • Jerry Reed has never met Burt Reynolds
  • NO conversation with a Faffer is wasted.
  • We’re smarter together than any one of us alone
  • Kelley Buttrick, Deb Irwin, Bill Lord, Karyn O’Bryant, Dan Lenard, and Rosi Amador make me smile
  • Faffers are intense, fun, knowledgeable, relational, supportive, giving, and awesome
  • Peer coaching helps the coach and the coachee
  • These are the best friends you’ll ever make
  • Improv.  Improv.  Improv.

There’s more, of course, but moving on from FaffCon means growing, maturing, and seasoning the relationships I’ve made already.  I never should’ve started naming names in the list above.  I’d gladly spend a day at the county fair with ANY of them.  Eric Pollis, Faith Coons, Amanada Fellows, Chris Mezzolesta, Bobbin Beam, Donna Postel, Dale Leopold.  There I go again!

The “ToDo” list is longer than ever, and virtually EVERY entry belongs at the top!

My thanks to all the Faffers in Tucson for enriching my experience, and justifying beyond a shadow of a doubt the time/money/energy spent to be in Tucson.  You all rock!!!




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