Why You Should Avoid FaffCon

by | Sep 17, 2014 | FaffCon

2013-10-05 16.13.07

Where do I start? 

How much time do you have?

The DEPTH of my dissatisfaction is unplumbed!

OK, probably the best way to handle this is with a list, so here goes:

  • FafffCon events are always held in terrible locations
  • The attendees are insufferable bores
  • There are no activities
  • The whole thing is organizational chaos
  • No one gets along
  • The energy is just….wrong
  • After-hour events are dull
  • All the same old stuff gets re-hashed
  • People can’t wait to leave
  • Egos run rampant
  • Competition stifles sharing
  • Everyone is scowling all the time

There.  I said it.  All the things that have never happened, and WILL never happen at a Faffcon unconference.2013-10-05 20.31.55

I understand the frustration of those who are not among the 100 attendees.  Many of you had high hopes, you’ve heard the amazing stories, and you put your name on the waiting list.  But here’s the deal:  a rising tide lifts all boats.

That rather clichè phrase, is nonetheless true. 

DSC02857Many are the success stories of people inspired by some nugget gleaned from a friend who attended a previous FaffCon.  The community of voice-actors at large is lifted by the buoyant energy, and innovative insights emanating from this, the definitive VO unconference.

For those of us toiling away — for the most part — in a solo recording-booth existence, the camraderie of Faffcon builds into a crescendo of friendliness, genuine caring, and open encouragement.  My wife is tired of hearing of all the personalities, characters, and shenanigans at FaffCon, and wants in.  She is eager to meet the people who have become some of my closest friends. We’ll be leaving for the drive down to Tucson, early Thursday morning.

I’ve found a more caring cache of friends in 7 years of VO conferences than I ever found in 30 years of TV newsrooms.  That says something about voice-actors, and it says something about voice-acting’s premiere watering hole:  FaffCon.

You can follow the vicarious antics of FaffCon 7 attendees from the online stream-of-consciousness being gathered by my friend Derek Chappell here:  https://storify.com/derekchappell/faffcon-7-tweets-posts-and-pics.

Please check back here, too, for the rest of the week for some observations, thoughts, pics, and insights gained during my visit to FaffCon7.




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