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by | Sep 22, 2014 | FaffCon

2014-09-21 18.22.30 HDRBy now, you’re familiar with the thrum of swelling accolades following the most recent FaffCon.  Perhaps you’ve contributed to the enthusiastic thread of pictures and superlatives yourself in recent years.  (BTW, header photo taken during rooftop end-of-FaffCon party)

Forgive us attendees.

It’s just not possible to remain silent about the inspiring moments spent in the company of gifted and giving pros.

‘Having driven 6 hours between Tucson and Las Vegas…returning to a pile of unattended  work, and endless mental optimism, I can tell  you this will be a short blog entry.

As you know, respect for intellectual property, and Faff-decorum allows the attendees to share only our impressions, over-arching concepts, and subjective feelings about the content of the sessions… but that’s tomorrow. 

For now, please accept only these few pictures of my experience with the setting and the other attendees.

I am humbled and moved by the entire Tucson weekend.


2014-09-20 17.40.47 HDR Rosi & Brian Amador

WoVO Exec Board mtg impromptu WoVO Exec Board mtg

The sessions schedule board FaffCon session schedule board

Rocio Faith CoonsFaith Coons




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