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by | Jun 30, 2014 | Faff Camp

faffcampAs many of you may know, the brilliance that shines as the VO unconference “FaffCon”, has a shelf-life.  Founder and creative genius Amy Snively revealed this year that the total number of FaffCon events will be 10. This September’s event is the 7th.  And yet…  and yet the announcement of a second Faff CAMP next March means the opportunities for us all to bask in the Faff brilliance grows a little more.

Faff Camp II is being organized and funded on a different paradigm, though, and the announcement only came out yesterday from Ms. Snively herself.  The “kickstarter” concept for gauging interest means you need to jump in and take action by July 11th.  Sign-ups begin TODAY.

See below for all the information and links.

Thanks, Amy!


Faff Camp II – March 19-22, 2015 – San Antonio, TX

Faff Camp I: a little background
The first Faff Camp was a huge success, save for lower than expected attendance. Some feared it would be all newbies or a ‘watered down’ FaffCon. But those who came found the content was outstanding and sessions for newcomers didn’t negatively impact the program for working pros. Several Faffers said they liked it even better than FaffCon!

Faff Camp II: what’s next
We’re keeping the Topic Tables and the Expo, we’re refining the Lightning Talks, and we’ll have a few Main Stage speakers. Then the rest of the weekend will be FaffCon-style Topic Sessions on two tracks: Starting Smart and Working Pro.

Kickstarterstyle registration
FaffCon 7 sold out in record time (with the longest Standby list ever). And with so few FaffCons left, we’re sure the demand for Faff Camp is higher this time. Still, we’re taking a cautious approach.

Before signing our hotel contract, we’re doing registration Kickstarter-style: if enough people register, we sign. If we fall short of the break-even point, we issue 100% refunds, and we escape without risk.

However, we must sign on or before July 11, 2014. That’s not a lot of time! So we’re opening Kickstart Registration on Monday June 30th at 9:00amPacific and we need to reach as many people as possible, fast.

Your Faff Camp registration could be FREE!

To thank you for spreading the word, we invite you to register today using the promo code FAMOUS, which gives you $25 off the $375 Kickstart Registration fee.

Then, your personal $25 off promo code will arrive in your confirmation email! Each time someone uses your code, they get $25 off and you get a $25 rebate! Your code can be used up to 14 times, for up to 100% off your registration! Just share your code on your blog, with your roster, with your students, at your workout or Meetup, etc.

It gets even better!
Each of them will also get a personal promo code to share! We’re hoping that “viral ticketing” will inspire people to spread the word, help everybody get a break on their registration, and get us all the way to our attendance goal beforeJuly 11.

If all goes as expected and we sign the hotel contract, the regular registration fee will increase to $449 on July 12.

More info:    
Faffcamp.com is up and running with all the event details so far.Questions? Suggestions? You can reach Lauren and me at [email protected].

Thank you very much for helping us kickstart Faff Camp II!



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