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Threefer Thursday

Ya know, there’s just SO MUCH STUFF flying around the internet these days, you might’ve missed these three big announcements!

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Thank You Gabby!

A simple website with a plain and powerful message. Not everyone will agree with it, but I do, and maybe you should too?

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CourVO’s Zoho Memo

An online suite of applications with complimentary mobile apps, and all at a kickin’ price. Zoho’s new offering might just be what you’re looking for.

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Refresh After Fail

Yesterday’s blog “Refresh, Reboot, Refurbish, Renew” needed a little refreshing itself. Here’s why.

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Do You Know Craig?

Is Craigslist a viable means to find voice-over jobs?…or to post your services to get jobs? Not just any jobs…GOOD-PAYING VO jobs. Seeking your responses to my query.

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Royalty-Free Music Sites

Why would anyone ignore the advice of VO’s practicing lawyer Rob Sciglimpaglia? Not that anyone has, but may I underscore the importance of it these days?  There are endless touchpoints in your business where sound legal advice can keep you from a boatload... read more

Infographics? …meh

Our short-attention-span culture (and getting shorter), loves the infographic.  An easy-to-digest all-around summary of a particular topic in an eye-catching presentation. I’m not saying the info is usually wrong, it’s just too simplified.  In... read more


…by a new browser! Really?  I thought the browser wars were over and that Chrome had won. It did, but now there’s a better browser beating Chrome at its own game:  Vivaldi. It’s Chrome… only better, more customizable, faster, and... read more