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Get Paid!

With a new year looming…your top priority should be getting jobs, and that means getting paid.
Here’s a list of the best ways to do that with the least cost.

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CRM: Can’t Reach Me

The never-ending search for a CRM (customer relationship manager) is…well…never-ending. Maybe this will bring it to an end for you.

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They Just. Won’t. Die.

Voice Actors need reliable and useful tools to have a successful freelance business. Two entrenched tools are showing surprising resilience.

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FaceBook Cover VIDEO

Facebook is tweaking and adding features again (aren’t they always?), but this newest one really makes sense. Here’s how to use it.

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Threefer Thursday

Ya know, there’s just SO MUCH STUFF flying around the internet these days, you might’ve missed these three big announcements!

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Thank You Gabby!

A simple website with a plain and powerful message. Not everyone will agree with it, but I do, and maybe you should too?

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