You know how it is with voice-acting.  We get no respect among vendors, publications, online-resources, etc.  They’re almost all designed for musicians, (what are considered to be traditional) actors, and audio engineers.

Such is the case with today’s referral.  It’s’ for photographers, but it’s so chock-full of great suggestions for traveling with gear, that I thought I’d share.

Oh, and then there’s this online article I found, too…but my trusted friend, and home studio expert Dan Lenard says while the advice is pretty sound, there’s something about the advice that is a little tone-deaf.  Or as Dan says: “…he’s not talking to voice talents, he’s talking to budding engineers and garage band recorders. His perspective is to pick the right mic, which…means diddly. This appeals more to the geeks that love the sound of their own voice but rarely book voice work…”  So there you go…take it with a grain of salt.

11 Common Vocal Production Mistakes in Home Studios




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