Make it Easy on Yourself

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Web Resources

OK, I’m really going to date myself here, but I used to love Dionne Warwick.  One of her great hits (and there were many!) was “Make it Easy On Yourself”…which coincidentally is the title of this blog.

It came to mind when I saw what Dani States and Joe Davis have put together.  It’s designed to make life easier for voice actors, and if you ask me, they hit the nail on the head.

Joe Davis practically exploded on the VO scene in the last couple of years with, and Dani States had a storied career in the corporate world before  going full-time VO.(disclaimer: Joe Davis designed and supports the World-Voices Organization website).

I'm not even sure how you would characterize in one word all this program can do! Click To Tweet

In the past year, these two dynamos have collaborated to design

I’m not even sure how you would characterize in one word all this program can do, but it deserves a hard look, because it handles so many of the mundane tasks  of running a VO business, that we all hate to do.

Head on over there to take a gander for yourself…the service is sure priced right!

(BTW, I get no kickback for mentioning this product…I just don’t see how it can miss with this kind of firepower from such creative minds!)




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