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by | Apr 19, 2018 | Web Resources


For years I delighted in being the first to tell people — thousands of people – the latest happenings, every day.

Now, I’ve got you.  Lucky you.  My medium is not longer TV news.  It’s my blog, and when I find stuff too cool to keep to myself, I share it here.

You would.  Wouldn’t you? 

Alright then.


“Seamless Inline Audio”  A simple-to-use tool that lets you add inline audio to your story.  The audio is not isolated, it plays right in the text. Like: [click the word “listen”—>]  listen 
I like the concept of this site, but honestly, it just took me 15 minutes to get that embed code configured.  Why wouldn’t I just put a link with my original SoundCloud file there?  Hmph.  Maybe you can see a better application that I can.  ‘Nother way to get your voice out there in marketing materials, though.


Another ipDTL/SourceConnect/ConnectionOpen clone?  Could be.  Sure is a simple interface, and an easy-to-use UX (user experience).  Anybody know how well this works?  Either way, they’re having a special rate for their CleanFeed Pro service.  Cleanfeed is free to get started.  

Visual VO Demos

I thought “Vizzie” had this niche market all sowed up, but apparently not.  Luminaries like Chuck Duran, MaryLynn Wissner, Jodi Gottlieb and Jeff Howell are up and running with this concept too.  Check it out!  

Design Tools for Marketers

Speaking of visual marketing tools.  Check out this list of excellent and either free or inexpensive tools for creating social media graphics or videos.  Lists like this always make me grab for my iPhone.

‘Just a few of the things I found in my meanderings on the internet, that seemed like “news” to me!





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