2 “L’s” and an “S” + 1

by | May 1, 2018 | Web Resources

Boy, how’s that for a cryptic title!

‘Not trying to be deceptive, quite the contrary, today’s blog is just a flat-out referral to some more great online resources I found.

The “L” refers to LinkedIn, the “S” to SoundCloud, and the “+1″…well…you’ll just have to read to the bottom to find out.

WoVO member Tracy Lindley is making appearances in all the right places with her “The LinkedIn Edge” course.  It’s awesome (and so is she).  I heartily recommend it.  But LinkedIn is hot right now, and there are scads of people capitalizing on its popularity with tips ‘n’ tricks.

Here’s one I found:
How to Use LinkedIn That Will Help You Build Your Business

…and another:
How to Convert Your LinkedIn Connections Into Paying Clients

8 of the Best Noise Reduction Tools for Audio Restoration Click To Tweet

SoundCloud:  Who thinks about the perfect formula for posting SC banner size and profile dimensions?  Snappa’s blog provides the intimate details.  BTW Snappa is a pretty awesome online program too.  I used it to make today’s feature graphic.

And finally, one for you audio geeks: “8 of the Best Noise Reduction Tools for Audio Restoration“.  Pretty good wrap-up if you ask me, and includes my fave: Izotope RX.

So there you have it!  Now go out and conquer the web today!






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