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by | Jun 13, 2018 | Web Resources

Adam Verner is not fooling me.  He parades around as a voice-actor, but in his heart of hearts, he’s a geek like me.

I kid about Adam.  He’s certainly a seasoned voice actor, and a great friend, but he’s often shown his skill with devices and software of a digital nature.

His latest brainstorm is PRONOUNCEOLOGY…and it’s great!  The website delivers on what the name promises.

Here’s an excerpt from the “about” page:

“…English is full of idiosyncrasies and flat out contradictions. While there are many online dictionaries and pronunciation sources on the internet, Pronounceology is the only place to upload and export pronunciations in bulk. Whether you’re a student of the English language, a journalist, broadcaster, actor or a narrator, go forth and articulate!…”

As stated, there are quite a few pronunciation sources around, and most of them free ( is my fave), but Verner’s site offers a lot more, and right now there’s a month long free Beta Launch special.  After that, the base price is $14.99/mo.  ‘Seems a little pricey to me, but hey!…like I said, it does a LOT more than just tell you how to pronounce words.

Here’s an excellent quick tutorial on how it all works.

Well done, Adam!  You just took a geeky side-interest to a whole new level.  Good onya!




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