Our family loves to quote memorable lines from odd movies.  Like, Princess Bride, Clue, Moonstruck, and yes…Men in Black.

Will Smith’s character makes fun of a roomful of US military standouts when one of them replies to the director of MIB as to what the secret organization is looking for.

“The best of the best of the best…sir!” says a neatly-trimmed (but clueless) candidate.

It’s only one of about 500 classic lines from the runaway cult-classic.  Hell, I could quote nearly the entire movie.

But I’m not here to tell you about alien intruders today, I’m here to drop a couple of URL’s in your lap that I found recently…some of the best of the best of the best.

First: GetLeverage.
If you’re seeking the best virtual assistant help with virtually anything virtual OR real, this may be for you.  They’ll screen your email, build SEO, compile .xls files, and order pizza for you.  The list of tasks they handle is mind-boggling.  It’s not necessarily cheap, but it’s also reasonable on a sliding-scale sort of way.  I’m a subscriber, and I’m also on their team.

Next: A List of Best To-Do List Apps.  
Yes, you read that right.  It’s a great article listing the top app alternatives for building lists.  A couple of them are predictable:  Evernote and Google Calendar, for example, but the other 8 apps may surprise you.  And the author goes out of his way to explain the ins ‘n’ outs of what you SHOULD be looking for.

Finally:  The Best Instagram Tutorial for Business I’ve ever seen…and Lordy, I’ve seen a lot!  In fact this kind of information gets old so fast, I even hesitated to include it here, cause it was written in June…a good two months ago!  Almost ancient!  But seriously, there’s some excellent advice within.

So there you have it… now you have no reason to say, “…the only thing that’s pulling its weight around here is my pickup truck…”




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