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20+ Ways to Send Large Files Painlessly

10-hour long AudioBooks?  40-module E-Learning projects?  100-slide PowerPoint Presentation? Oh, and did I mention, the client wants all the finished production in .wav files?    You know…the best quality, and the BIGGEST size? Today’s Voice talent has to be a whiz at... read more

Best Cloud Storage 2016

Hey!  Who knew?  Somebody besides voice actors reads my blog once in a while.How do I know?  Because Mauricio Prinzlau wrote me, and told me “…it’s rare to find somebody who puts that much into research and make content really... read more

5 Ways VO’s Can Use Evernote: Part 2

Seriously, I’m having trouble keeping the list to just 10 tips (Monday and today).  If you haven’t read it yet, check out Monday’s blog with Part 1, 5 Ways VO’s Can Use Evernote.  There are some helpful links to get you started. Honestly, I... read more

5 Ways VO’s Can Use EverNote: Part 1

Don’t think  you can pass by this blog today ’cause you already use Evernote.  I was among  the first 275,000 users to subscribe to Evernote (2008), and I gotta tellya… these folks DO. NOT. STOP.  They have so many things in new to the market or in... read more

Twisted Online

My geek genes run deep.  But you already knew that. When I was aimlessly walking around the show floor at CES in January a bauble caught my eye, and now it’s on my desk.   I’ve been watching the growth and acceptance of ChromeBooks over past months, and... read more

Paperless Workflow: A Real-life VO example

Remember when you first read your audition script off the computer monitor, instead of printing it out and reading the words off a piece of paper? The first time I read an audiobook from my iPad instead of fumbling with the noise of turning pages was an epiphany.  Why... read more

Google is on Fire!

Without getting to the politics of corporations, loyalties, patents, stock prices, or international intrigue, can I just say that Google is the new Apple?…the new Apple in the sense that they’ve earned the mantle of the hippest, coolest, most innovative... read more

Why Adobe Should Talk to CenturyLink

CenturyLink is a relatively small Telecom player, but they are the main provider of traditional (wired) phone service in Las Vegas.  They are also aggressively moving into competitor Cox Cable’s typical realm:  TV and Internet.  Which is why Adobe should talk to... read more

Be Glad

Hopefully by now, you’ve found a cloud storage plan you’re comfortable with. Many is the time I’ve blogged about cloud solutions.  It’s one of the true promises of the digital age that has met it’s potential at a good price. How does the... read more

Make Your Own Cloud

Don’t get me wrong…I love DropBox, and, and SugarSync, and ZeroPC, Cubby, SkyDrive and any of about 30 other great “cloud” solution for saving, backing-up, sharing, and accessing your data.  I love the idea of “cloud” so... read more

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