Best Cloud Storage 2016

by | Feb 3, 2016 | The Cloud

cloudHey!  Who knew?  Somebody besides voice actors reads my blog once in a while.

How do I know?  Because Mauricio Prinzlau wrote me, and told me “…it’s rare to find somebody who puts that much into research and make content really actionable…”

Of course, after being buttered-up like that, I’d be willing to do just about anything Mauricio asked.  And he did.

Mauricio helps with a cloud software comparison site called CloudWards.   He asked if I would pick one of the top cloud services and write a productivity tip for one of them.  Since I use OneDrive, DropBox,, Google Drive, and have dabbled in others, I thought:  Why not? (also mentioned for a review:  Amazon Cloud Drive and iCloud).

Since I’m an unabashed apostle for Microsoft, I thought it only right that I should offer a tip for MS One Drive.

Read the entire article of tips (including mine)

It’s a deep article with lots of great tips and links.  You might even find out something you didn’t know yet!

Be sure to check out Video Series link titled “Find the Right Cloud” on that page.




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