Paperless Workflow: A Real-life VO example

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Technology, The Cloud, Web Resources, Web/Tech

paperlessRemember when you first read your audition script off the computer monitor, instead of printing it out and reading the words off a piece of paper?

The first time I read an audiobook from my iPad instead of fumbling with the noise of turning pages was an epiphany.  Why did I wait so long?

There’s more.  So much more.

The newest generation gets it.  They don’t even teach cursive in elementary school anymore.  I’m not sure that’s entirely a good thing, but the point is there are very few situations where a printout or a PAPER copy of anything is needed anymore.

“The cloud” makes that possible.  So do smartphone cameras…scanners…wireless, Bluetooth, tablets.  I could go on.  There are a plethora of apps and online services that integrate with each other now.  A freelance voice-actor can handle an the entire process of servicing a client from start to finish… virtually.

The elements:

  • prospecting
  • contact
  • contract
  • script
  • recording
  • delivery
  • invoicing
  • CRM
  • follow-up contact
  • (and more)

ALL of it, done digitally.

Don’t believe it?  Then thumb through the following presentation put together by Brian Amador.  He and his wife Rosi are a Boston-based husband/wife voice-acting team who offer full English/Spanish voiceover services for a host of clients.  Over time, they’ve devised a process to handle all of the tasks in the above bullet-points.

Brian developed this presentation in hopes of explaining it during FaffCon6.  That didn’t happen, so I asked him if I could display it here, so we could all benefit from their paperless workflow process.  Thanks, Brian& Rosi!

Of course, Brian will not be with you to explain each and every slide you see, so if you come away with questions, please don’t hesitate to approach the Amadors with a questions.  They’re wonderfully hard-working and helpful allies to have!





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