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by | Mar 1, 2013 | The Cloud, Web Resources, Web/Tech

gladinetHopefully by now, you’ve found a cloud storage plan you’re comfortable with.

Many is the time I’ve blogged about cloud solutions.  It’s one of the true promises of the digital age that has met it’s potential at a good price.

How does the cloud help your VO business?  By making your essential files available no matter where you are; by giving you a common bucket to share your files from; by providing you a simple back-up of important resources; by letting you control access traditional desktop files with a smartphone, etc., etc., etc.

See my blog:  Make Your Own Cloud, and look for all the “cloud” links within.

Cloud storage plans are getting less and less expensive for more and more storage.  This week, though, I ran across a promotion that blew me away… the best bang for your buck I’ve seen yet.

It’s from GLADINET.

I use a version of a Gladinet storage solution in conjunction with my Nuance PaperPort program (pdf and document management system).  I’ve found Gladinet very reliable and customer-friendly.

But their newest promotion of 1 TeraByte of storage for $9.99/mo is off-the-charts the best deal I’ve seen yet.

It’s called the Gladinet Cloud Team Edition and offers the following enhancements to the cloud desktop:

  •  1000GB (1TB) of Amazon storage or you can use your existing storage account
  • Web browser, PC & Mac clients, file server support and mobile apps.
  • Attach your local folders to the cloud and access anywhere
  • Backup or sync any local folder
  • Folder level permission control & share folders and files
  • Share files with anyone
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Access your files from mobile devices and web browsers

The ‘Personal Edition’ is only $6.99/mo and offers 100Gb, and the ‘Business Edition’ offers 3TB for $12.99/mo!

See this Gladinet home page for complete song ‘n’ dance, and links to the various offers.  For now (i.e. this week)  this the best offer I’ve seen.




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