Friday’s Finds

Sleep?  Who needs sleep?  I can sleep when I’m dead! Kidding!!!!!!!!  But seriously, folks…I DO spend a lot of time at keyboards…on all kinds of screens, and end up in all sorts of virtual places. The stuff I see! This is where YOU benefit. ... read more

“In a World” Flic Gets Distribution Deal

If you were a plumber, wouldn’t you be jazzed that a quality Hollywood movie about your profession is getting rave reviews? Cops and doctors have been enjoying that film bounty for years (and Hobbits). But how ’bout a movie dealing with the profession of... read more

Bits ‘n’ Pieces

We operate in an amazing world of information and connectivity, and voice actors are perhaps more in tune with that than other professions, ’cause we make our living online. The VO world seemed to be humming yesterday.  Many of you who frequent social media like... read more

7 Best RSS

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I think RSS beats just about any other digital gateway for digesting daily content quickly. I check my RSS (really simple syndication) feeds everyday with my Google reader.  Over years, I’ve acquired a list of around 175 sites... read more

Are You Seeing All This Stuff?

My mouse aggressively travels the WWW every day, and I have alerts, subscriptions, RSS feeds, and aggregate sites galore.  I’m always keeping an eye out for VO stuff, or helpful hints for voice acting freelance businesspeople. Herewith a list of some of the... read more

My Five Fave Sites This Week

(1) Love love love LinkedIn for it’s powerful, deep, and broad search tools, but LI has just a fraction of the population of FaceBook.  What if you could do similar custom searches on FaceBook as you do on LinkedIn?  You can with the techniques explained in the... read more

Big Files & a Chrome Tip

They keep getting bigger, those files.  Docs.  .Wav files…even a bunch of mp3’s can take up space. I’ve blogged about this before…in fact my “22+ Ways to Send Large Files” is one of my all-time most popular articles. But…you... read more

The Google Groove

Google’s star is reaching solar flare status. Among the handful of true corporate dynasties that sprang from the last twenty years of internet/dot-com/computer/social media ascendance, Google continues break ground faster and farther than most of the others... read more

Handling docs

Handling documents is part ‘n’ parcel of the voice over trade. We get copy in all sorts of forms:  .doc / .docx / .pdf  / .txt / .rtf / .ppt / .png / .jpg / .xls / .rgi    (I made up that last one) Not always, but sometimes, it’s just in the wrong... read more

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