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by | Jul 19, 2013 | Links

browsingSleep?  Who needs sleep?  I can sleep when I’m dead!

Kidding!!!!!!!!  But seriously, folks…I DO spend a lot of time at keyboards…on all kinds of screens, and end up in all sorts of virtual places.

The stuff I see!

This is where YOU benefit.  Here’s the best of this week’s wanderings:

5 FoolProof Ways to Build Your Personal Brand (from the Nimble Blog…Nimble is a great Social network CRM program, BTW)
(also from Nimble:  Step by Step: The Process of Social Selling)

10 Ways to Get Noticed on Pinterest (from Information Week)

Be Willing To Be Wrong (from Chris Brogan’s blog)

The Dark Art of Pricing (has been posted on other VO forums, but if you haven’t read it yet…do so!  A must for freelancers)

How to Use Your Alone Time More Productively (from Lifehacker)

Customer Acquisition Via Email is Skyrocketing Compared to Other Channels (from WebProNews)

Cleaning Up Your Social Media Profiles (from SimplyZesty)

The Extremely High Cost of Doing Nothing (from Duct Tape Marketing Blog)

Honrable Mention:  The Improbable is the New Normal (fun article)

Have a great weekend!




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