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Handling documents is part ‘n’ parcel of the voice over trade.

We get copy in all sorts of forms:  .doc / .docx / .pdf  / .txt / .rtf / .ppt / .png / .jpg / .xls / .rgi    (I made up that last one)

Not always, but sometimes, it’s just in the wrong format for being able to read it right, or do a word count, or to port it over to your iPhone/iPad or some other reader.  Or if you invoice according to a word count…you’ve gotta be able to…uh…count the words.

I blogged about this before.

Being able to do a simple word count using the Translator’s Abacus. (this blog has a great link to a pdf converter, too)

A free PDF reader that also does conversions…by Nuance.

And this blog with a rigamarole for doing a word count for Power Point notes

But in all the above articles, the conversion is usually from .pdf to .doc.  What if you want to do a .doc to .pdf conversion?

Found it!…web-based and free.  You upload the doc…initiate the conversion online…and it quickly sends you a .zip file of the .pdf by email.


I’m also a big fan of SERIF software.  The PagePlus X5 program lets you import text in a .doc form, and then export to .pdf. (not free, but reasonable).

Hope you can convert this blog into something that really counts!







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  1. H. Corson Bremer


    Excellent subject.

    As far as .doc to .pdf goes… One of the best ways of converting .doc files to .pdf is to use Open Office, an open source, FREE MS-Office replacement. Open Office does everything that MS-Office can do and more. It opens, reads, and edits all the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Plus, conversion to PDF is a native function in the software.

    Just my 2 cents.


    • CourVO

      Rats….I meant to mention that…but forgot at 2am…so…thanks for brining it up, Corson… have a blessed weekend!

      Dave C

  2. Billy James

    If you’re a Mac user, you can easily convert most any doc to PDF right from the “Print” dialog box — no additional apps involved.

    Select “Print” from the File menu.
    Click the “PDF” button in the lower left corner of the dialog box.
    Select “Save as PDF…” from the dropdown menu.

    It even works with web pages. (The resulting PDF can be a tad funky, formatting-wise, but it works.)

    Apple’s Pages app can open Word docs, and there’s a word count function available from the Document Info box:

    From the “View” menu, select “New Inspector.
    In the Document tab, click the “Info” button.

    • CourVO

      That’s great, Billy….but who’d want to use a “MAC”!!!??? (kidding!….just kidding!!!) :)))



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