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by | Apr 22, 2011 | Links, Software

Handling documents is part ‘n’ parcel of the voice over trade.

We get copy in all sorts of forms:  .doc / .docx / .pdf  / .txt / .rtf / .ppt / .png / .jpg / .xls / .rgi    (I made up that last one)

Not always, but sometimes, it’s just in the wrong format for being able to read it right, or do a word count, or to port it over to your iPhone/iPad or some other reader.  Or if you invoice according to a word count…you’ve gotta be able to…uh…count the words.

I blogged about this before.

Being able to do a simple word count using the Translator’s Abacus. (this blog has a great link to a pdf converter, too)

A free PDF reader that also does conversions…by Nuance.

And this blog with a rigamarole for doing a word count for Power Point notes

But in all the above articles, the conversion is usually from .pdf to .doc.  What if you want to do a .doc to .pdf conversion?

Found it!…web-based and free.  You upload the doc…initiate the conversion online…and it quickly sends you a .zip file of the .pdf by email.


I’m also a big fan of SERIF software.  The PagePlus X5 program lets you import text in a .doc form, and then export to .pdf. (not free, but reasonable).

Hope you can convert this blog into something that really counts!







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