My Five Fave Sites This Week

by | Jul 20, 2012 | Links, Social Media/Networking


Love love love LinkedIn for it’s powerful, deep, and broad search tools, but LI has just a fraction of the population of FaceBook.  What if you could do similar custom searches on FaceBook as you do on LinkedIn?  You can with the techniques explained in the Boolean Black Belt Sourcing/Recruiting Site, and it’s article from July 11th:  Searching FaceBook.  If you can’t find it with THIS tutorial…it’s probably not on FaceBook.


eRocket Fuel (Social Media Marketing) displays a dynamite infographic on the Importance of a Fan Base dated July 10…so it’s not too old yet.  Get some fans, dude!


Another reason to like Hootsuite (there are at least 23 to begin with).  The site now allows you to manage your Google+ page.  The Hootsuite interface already allows for you to manage multiple Twitter, FaceBook, and Linkedin, including a built-in URL shortener, scheduled tweets and much more.  Now this! See:  Manage Your Google+ Page with Hootsuite on Social Media Today.


At the risk of being over-exuberant about the value of Pinterest on this blog lately…I also offer this article from Social Media Examiner for those of you still scratching your head over what to do with this hot hot hot new Social Media site: :  6 Ways to Drive More Pinterest Engagement.


People forget that YouTube is Social Media.  Use it more effectively after reading:  5 ways to turn your YouTube views into sales and traffic on

This list could’ve been 10 or 15 items long.  There are SO MANY great social media marketing blogs and info-sites now that are offering really quality resources.  I’ll be glad to share my Feedreader RSS links in this area if you email me at [email protected].

Have a great weekend!




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