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by | Oct 23, 2011 | iPad, Links, Social Media/Networking, Software, Technology

Google’s star is reaching solar flare status.

Among the handful of true corporate dynasties that sprang from the last twenty years of internet/dot-com/computer/social media ascendance, Google continues break ground faster and farther than most of the others (possible exception:  Apple — and even that’s up for debate).

On today’s Voice-Acting in Vegas blog: a few Google-related developments that you might find useful for your voice over business.

First:  Are you on Google+?  You should be.  Since July, Google+ has grown to about 50-million subscribers.  That’s faster growth than FaceBook, Twitter, My Space or any other social media platform can boast.  On Google+, you can creat your own “circles” of friends.  I have circles for “Vegas”, “Journalism” and others…among them:  Voice Over.  In my voice over circle are some 350 voice over talent.  I’m sure that’s not all the voice talent on Google+, but it’s a start, and now when I want to get a sense of what’s going on in the VO world…or when I need to ask a question or get a word out…that’s a great place to go.  If you need an invite to get on, just email me at [email protected], and I’ll send you an invitation.

Second: How to keep up with all that Google does?  Simple:  go to the official Google Blog.  It’s updated frequently…several times a day even, and always features the latest moves by this company.  (BTW, Google should NOT be referred to as “…that search engine company…”  It is SO much more, now!)

Third:  Don’t take my word for all this…see this latest article entitled: 5 GREAT HIDDEN GOOGLE SEARCH TIPS THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT…including “Search for People’s Profiles”, and “Read Articles Without Paying”.

Fourth:  Last week, I launched the “CourVO” app for the iPhone and iPad.  Although it was an inexpensive process, there were plenty of hoops to jump through.  By comparison, creating the CourVO ANDROID app was brainless.  That’s right…the new CourVO Android App is now available. (BTW, both the iPhone and the Android app are free, and reflect the daily changes in the content on this blog…on your smartphone!).

Fifth:  Most everyone has at least a perfunctory Gmail account…it’s the portal to much of what you want to do on Google.  Watch for a big change to the way Google Mail looks very soon.  In the meantime, please consider trying either one of two add-ons to Gmail that will immediately double or triple the information you can glean about anyone who writes you an email.  both GIST and XOBNI offer integration to Gmail.  Both of these 3rd-party programs will analyze any email you receive for information about the sender.  LOTS of information about the sender…especially their presence on the other social media, along with contact information, frequency of posts, recent e-mails and even metrics about their presence on the web.  I find both these programs extremely helpful in managing connections…even the most typical time of day when events happen.



5 Great Hidden Google Search Tips That You Should Know About



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