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by | Feb 21, 2013 | APAC, Conferences, Links

bitspiecesWe operate in an amazing world of information and connectivity, and voice actors are perhaps more in tune with that than other professions, ’cause we make our living online.

The VO world seemed to be humming yesterday.  Many of you who frequent social media like I do, may have seen some of the same things I did, so in the bullet points below, just skim past that, and go to the stuff you haven’t yet seen.

ANOTHER ONE? looks to me like another online casting site.  The staff is based in Salt Lake City (Brent Marshall, Laura Gabour, and Mackenzie De La Torre), and the website is well-designed, concise, and full of content.  They deal in audiobooks, production, foreign languages, commercial, technical and more.  They also have a link for accepting talent submissions ([email protected]).  Might be worth a look-see?

PROMO VOICES   The Commercial Production/Promotions Mgr here at my TV station is a real veteran.  He’s deep into the business of promotions, listens to lost of voice talent, and recently sent me a link to a great article published online this week.  You’d do well to take the 5 mins it would require to read it:

40 CITIES, 40 VOICEOVRS   An Aussie VO talent and blogger by the name of Dave Kirwan wrote me last night to pass along a challenge.  He writes:  “…I’m setting myself and any other voice artists who want to get involved to raise money for a charity, whilst also travelling the world and doing voice overs in as many cities as possible. (From a portable studio)  Sounds crazy? I’ve already done it in over 30 cities with so many amazing stories to share on my blog…”   I promised him I’d help spread the word here.  Go visit his site to read more:

AUDIE NOMINEES   AudioBook narrating may be one of the few niches in voice-acting that actually has an extremely well-organized awards program for it’s talent.  That’s largely due to the efforts of the APA,, the Audio Publisher’s Association.  At the annual APA Conference (APAC) in May, this year, most anyone involved in the business of audiobooks will gather for the one-day event, then stay an extra day for the Audies awards, and might even attend the concurrent BEA (Book Expo America).  Here is a list of this year’s nominees, broken down into categories:

HONORABLE MENTION   Don’t ask me how or why.  I guess it’s harmless, but how the heck did I ever become the subject of a Czech video/media site?!  You think they might have asked my permission?

Well, what did I miss?   Please add it below in comments.




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