APAC 2013

Blog is back up and running, and seems to be working fine with the new hosting service.  Let me know if you see anything malfunctioning, willya? Load times are noticeably faster, according to the metrics I’m seeing. Anyway, APAC (Audio Publishers Association... read more

‘Best $47 You’ll Ever Spend

In less than two weeks, the Audio Publishers Association Conference (APAC) takes place in New York City.   The conference itself is only one day, but the entire Audiobook publisher’s community makes this their seminal annual event by putting APAC in the context... read more

Bits ‘n’ Pieces

We operate in an amazing world of information and connectivity, and voice actors are perhaps more in tune with that than other professions, ’cause we make our living online. The VO world seemed to be humming yesterday.  Many of you who frequent social media like... read more

Audacious Audies

In the big house of possible avocations in this world, voice acting takes up almost no space at all…and within that small closet of voice careers, the audiobook narrator is perhaps the most scarce – tucked in behind the scarves and used umbrellas in the... read more

Javits Jabbering

In the heart of Hell’s Kitchen in NYC…there sits the gargantuan Jacob Javits convention center. The modest gathering, there, for the Audio Publishers Association Conference barely needed a small corner of huge hall for Monday’s one-day audiobook... read more

APAC Arrives

‘Not your normal voice over crowd.  In fact, the word pairing “voice over” is almost verbotten here at the AudioBook Publishers Association Conference in NYC. And yet, I see a lot of people here who would describe themselves that way, just not when... read more

Conference Heavy

There’s no one to blame but me. I’ve over-conferenced myself.  If I go to FaffCon in Charlotte this fall  (I know, I know…it’s an UN-conference)…that’ll be 5 VO conferences in less than a year’s time, and that’s not... read more

The Audies Gala

The Audies are about the closest thing regular ole voice actors have to a national award. Sure, a voice actor can also win an Emmy…but that’s for the Randy Kay’s, Melissa Disney’s, Joe Cipriano’s, and Tom Kane’s of the world.   The... read more

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