APAC Arrives

by | Jun 3, 2012 | APAC, Audiobooks

‘Not your normal voice over crowd.  In fact, the word pairing “voice over” is almost verbotten here at the AudioBook Publishers Association Conference in NYC.

And yet, I see a lot of people here who would describe themselves that way, just not when they’re around AudioBookpublishers and producers.  Those are the people who are hiring, and they are not looking to employ the commercial VO artist.  They’re more interested in actors.  They are seeking a different mind set and skill-set than the standard VO.

Luckily, many people who do E-learning, commercial spots, and documentaries, etc., also are good at the long-format marathon of work that is required to narrate and even produce an audiobook.

Perter Berkrot with CourVO

At a pre-APAC mixer this evening near Times Square, about 70 narrators, producers, publishers, and others associated with the art of audiobooks met for a social…and — you guessed it — there was a lot of conversation!

This would be what most would call “networking”, but there’s more at work here than just schmoozing. These are gregarious people who enjoy the company of their peers.  Bob Souer, Melissa Exelberth, Tom Dheere, Heather Hutchinson, Anne Richardson, Grover Gardner, John McClain, and many , many others too numerous to mention were in the mix, and enjoying the evening.

I can safely say I met more people tonite from California and the West Coast than anywhere else…proof positive, that this event is one of the most important on the audiobook calendar…one that pulls in people from great distance.

The day begins early Monday…especially for this West-Coast late-nighter.  More to tell you on the morrow!




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