The Audies Gala

by | Mar 6, 2012 | APAC, Audiobooks

The Audies are about the closest thing regular ole voice actors have to a national award.

Sure, a voice actor can also win an Emmy…but that’s for the Randy Kay’s, Melissa Disney’s, Joe Cipriano’s, and Tom Kane’s of the world.   The CLIO’s are certainly worthy of note, but again, the awards go to a host of other endeavours, and sometimes a voice actor actually gets some press.

But with the audies, a relative unknown can submit work, get nominated, and even win this prestigious award.  It’s all about the narrator.

Granted, it’s exclusively for the narration of  an audiobook, but God bless ’em!  Audiobook narrators sit for 2-3 weeks, hours at a time to get the same pay that commercial voice-actors get for submitting a 30-second spot…so I find justice in that.

Here’s a link to the announcement for the upcoming Audies in June (tickets on sale now).

The Audies go hand-in-hand with the APAC conference and the BEA (Book Expo America) the day before.  An AudioBook feast!

I’ve been the victim of schedule conflicts for the past two years for this(these) event(s)…but I believe I’ll actually make it this year.

C ya there?




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