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by | May 17, 2013 | APAC, Audiobooks, Coaching, Training/Education, VO Community

apaIn less than two weeks, the Audio Publishers Association Conference (APAC) takes place in New York City.   The conference itself is only one day, but the entire Audiobook publisher’s community makes this their seminal annual event by putting APAC in the context of other meet-ups, sessions, mixers, and awards.

For one thing, the Audies take place the day after APAC.  The Audies is the equivalent of the Oscars for audiobook narrators and publishers.  SAG-AFTRA  is holding a meeting…so is ACX (Audible), and the Book Expo America (BEA) also takes place at the same exhibit hall.  I’m sure I’m leaving something out.  Suffice it to say the world of audiobooks in North America comes together in every way during APAC.fraley5

This will be my second time going.  I’m finding audiobook work increasingly fulfilling as I’ve found more and better publishers to work for.  Making the commitment to be there and meet the movers and shakers of that business has been one of the best investments of my time and money in growing my voice-acting career.

scott brick2In advance of the APAC event, there is a webinar coming up this next Tuesday that is an excellent warm-up.  Everybody’s favorite voice acting coach — Pat Fraley —  teams up with accomplished audiobook narrator — Scott Brick — and one of the true giants in all aspects of the audiobook publishing business — Robert Deyan — to hold a webinar called THE 2013 AUDIOBOOK GOLD RUSH.deyan

That webinar team alone is worth the $47 dollar price of admission, but get this:  100% of the entry fee goes to help performer Nicole Nielson, who has been stricken with an incurable disease.  Nicole is one of Pat’s former students, and isn’t it just like Pat to go this extra mile to help someone in need?

Click this link to see all the details of the presenters and the subject matter of this webinar.  If you can’t attend during the hour-and-a-half webinar, no worries, a recording of the whole webinar comes with the price.

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